What was GhostyBot

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GhostyBot was a feature-rich Discord bot with +150 commands, GhostyBot included a ton of awesome modules such as: music, economy, level, moderation, and much more. It was used in over 250 servers and used by over 130,000 users combined across all servers.

The Beginning

GhostyBot was originally created in 2019, but I left the project to create more web applications and further learn about web development. Later, I picked up this project again and rewrote it a few times to TypeScript. I learned so much about TypeScript and Object-oriented programming. It gained a major positive interest of users, reaching over 200 GitHub stars, was in +250 Discord communities and used by more than 130,000 users.

The Growth

Due to the increased usage and high hosting costs that come with hosting a large Discord bot, I had to take it down. Now GhostyBot is being maintained to keep its dependencies and code up to date, it is open-source for others to download and host themselves.

Full tech stack

  • TypeScript
  • Discord.js
  • MongoDB
  • Node.js
  • Next.js (dashboard)